Wealthy Author Podcast episode 056 – Bias, Racism, and the Brain with Jason Greer


By D Arlando Fortune

BARS from this episode:
Why his goal is to work himself out of a job
Why he feels the problem in America is more about the brain than race
How a caveman mentality keeps people separated
A four-word question every connector must use
The one thing that bridges the “gap” between groups
The real definition of minority
His experience watching a crossburning
The real disconnection outside of virtual connections
How to organize your social media friends and family to successfully launch your book
What Dwayne Johnson and Will Smith taught him about selling
The business philosophy that helped him go from $100 to top 5% in his industry

“It’s so easy to hate. But it’s so next level to love.” – Jason Greer

Books mentioned:
The Chaos Machine
God Loves, Man Kills
The Alchemist
The Snowy Day
Fav quote:
“People who work for money, but they’ll die for respect and they’ll die for recognition, but how you wanna be respected might be different than how I wanna be recognized.” Dr. Jerome Greer
Social media handles:
Twitter: @labordiversity
LinkedIn: Jason Greer