Wealthy Author Podcast episode 048 – How to Build The Right Funnel To Buy Back Your Time


By D Arlando Fortune

BARS from this episode:
BARS from this episode:
6:28 If you do x, they do y.  Where y is buy, buy, buy.
7:48 How I’ve used sales funnels offline
13:10 Why not having an online sales funnels almost cost me my business
21:08 How to turn a book into an ATM
22:33 How to sell low ticket offers using splintered offers, direct response marketing, and online sales funnels to grow your business
31:43 Why coaches and coaches should focus on selling products and services over branding like big businesses
32:19 Build a sales funnel in 9 steps
Step #1: conduct the research
Step #2: roadmap the sales funnel
Step #3: write persuasive copy for pages
Step #4: create the products for the funnel
Step #5: create the funnel pages and integrations
Step #6: create email series for each step
Step #7: send traffic to the funnel
Step #8: optimize traffic coming to the funnel for minimum 2 percent conversion on high ticket offer
Step #9: collaborate for more traffic
49:34 You’re using a sales funnel every time you make a sale
53:01 Why you should Think Profit First

If you do x, they do y.  Where y is buy, buy, buy.” – D Arlando Fortune

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