Thought Fortunes Podcast episode number 025: Turning Books Into Theatrical Audiobooks That Inform & Entertain with Michael Houlihan & Bonnie Harvey


By D Arlando Fortune

BARS from this episode:
– how Barefoot wine got started by buying up debt for wine and bottling
– why “The Barefoot Spirit” is acknowledged for its business principles
– how their ‘guiding principles for success’ got into 50 schools of entrepreneurship across the country
– why the marketplace and a method to distribution is key to getting started
– why monetizing brand equity is the most important piece to business longevity
– why you should prepare for acquisition from the beginning
– a secret strategy for finding your business goals for guaranteed success
– how turning your book into a theatrical audiobook is a more effective way of teaching complex ideas
– why “earbuds” are the tool of choice for Millennials and how to leverage this trend
– the best way for company founders to turn their stories and biography into consumable audio stories
– how to overcome ‘corporate constipation’ between divisions using the company story
– how your book can be used an example of your business model to inform prospects before they buy
– why experiential learning is the most impactful form of teaching and how to do it
– how your book becomes a promotional tool for landing speaking engagements and speaking engagements become promotional tools for the book
– why articles should be a part of your book’s promo strategy

“Put yourself in the other guy’s shoes… because we all have blinders on.” – Bonnie Harvey

Books mentioned:
Practical Spirituality by John Randolph Price 
Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill 
Fav quote:
“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” – Henry Ford
Links mentioned:
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