Wealthy Author Podcast episode 033: 3 Keys to Creating Better Webinars


By D Arlando Fortune

A lot of people hate sales. I used to be one of them. I was uncomfortable talking to people. In the mid-2000’s I learned how to be a transaction engineer. My mentors taught me to be so confident in my ability to help people get solutions to their problems that all I had to do was listen to them talk. I used that skill to walk into people’s homes with blank real estate contracts and walk out of them with signed contracts. Sales aren’t so much about overcoming a bunch of objections. When you learn how to handle those objections upfront, closing a sale is about problem-solving.

That means you must learn how to listen. Then, craft a presentation based on all of the feedback you’ve received. That’s the simplified version. And, I sound kinda arrogant. Sadly… I was. But, I’ve learned my lesson. Actually, I’ve learned three major lessons from the two webinars I’ve created. Today, I’m gonna give you the goods.


In 2018, I wrote my first webinar

– used the Perfect Webinar Script

– recorded it week after week

– made more sales at in-person events

Had to do something different the next time

– still running the first webinar

– never drove traffic

– set it and forgot it


3 thing I changed moving forward with this webinar

1. More attendees

– livestream on FaceBook (Dekesha Williams)

– part of email series in a book funnel and sales funnel (Taki Moore)

– offer on sales presentations


2. More practice

– 8-minute presentation on Brain Prompts (Jaime Cross)

– whiteboard session for 45 minutes (Dan Henry)

– create a better offer aka “deal” 75 minutes (Dave Dee)

*made the right offer (Pia Silva)


3. More engagement

– set expectation from the beginning (Russell Brunson)

– ask & wait (Trevor Otts)

– acknowledge & respond (Ty Cohen)

* increases your enthusiasm


Announce everywhere, get better, and be engaged. These are about marketing and sales. The message is clear. It’s not about presenting the message persuasively.

“Stop trying to be great at sales. Be a transaction engineer.” – D Arlando Fortune

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